About us

We were a group of engineers looking for a place to work where it was important to deliver good stuff. In addition to that, the following things were important:


  1. No CV flipping

    The company is built to bring real value to customers and not just to flip CVs.
  2. Agree on expectations

    We didn't want a place where the sales organization threw assignments over the wall that the engineers would magically complete. Salespeople, engineers and customers must be able to have an honest dialogue about the expectations of the assignment.
  3. Integrity is important

    All employees would be encouraged to speak up if they think something doesn't work well or if something could be improved, regardless of whether it is with a customer or internally.
  4. No unnecessary administration

    We didn't want to put effort in unnecessary administration. At the same time, we would be very structured, but only with things that really mattered.
  5. Incubator help

    Most engineers with +10 years of experience tend to go and tinker with product ideas they have accumulated over the years. If we have colleagues who want to start their own product companies, we would help them get started, for example with help in financing, company building or sales.